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The Vanishing Masterpiece of Prague
In the 14th century Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor, ordered the creation of a large glass mosaic on the exterior of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle. Six hundred years later, The Last Judgment mosaic still adorns the Gothic cathedral. But for much of its existence, this rare work of art has gone unseen. Although it has been cleaned and covered with protective coatings many times, the mosaic eventually always vanishes beneath a whitish, opaque layer that covers its surface. Now the Getty Conservation Institute and the Office of the President of the Czech Republic are collaborating on a project that it is hoped will return the St. Vitus mosaic to visibility for years to come.

Preservation and Transformation: A Conversation with Vaclav Havel
The distinguished playwright, human rights activist, and now president of the Czech Republic discusses with GCI Director Miguel Angel Corzo the complex task of cultural heritage preservation in a period of historic political and economic change.

Destruction and Loss: A Report on Croatia
The 1991-1993 war in the Republic of Croatia caused damage or losses at 47 of the nation's 143 cultural institutions. To survey the impact of the war on museums, galleries, and collections, the International Council of Museums, in collaboration with the Getty Conservation Institute, conducted a mission to Croatia. The ICOM member who carried out the mission gives a report on her findings and the problems that remain.

Coping with the Seismic Threat: Byzantine Churches in the Balkans
The Balkan region, in the midst of one of the most seismically active areas of the world, contains a wealth of cultural heritage including numerous Byzantine churches dating from the 9th to the 14th century. These structures, as well as other religious and historical monuments, remain at risk from earthquakes. The GCI has been working with experts in the region to formulate and test methods for the seismic stabilization that could benefit structures in the Balkans and elsewhere—measures that minimize physical intervention and that preserve cultural values.

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