Symposium in Warsaw

In May 1994 Miguel Angel Corzo, Director of the Getty Conservation Institute, participated in a symposium in Warsaw, Poland, on "The Conservation of the Relics of Medieval Monumental Architecture."

The symposium, organized by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Polish National Committee, the Society for the Preservation of Historical Monuments, and the Museum of the First Piasts on Lednica, was held in Warsaw's Royal Castle. In his address, entitled "The Ethics of Reconstruction," Mr. Corzo discussed the philosophical issues raised by the act of reconstruction in the context of conservation.

Presentation of Quito Report

conservation image

In June 1994 Miguel Angel Corzo and Neville Agnew, Associate Director for Programs at the Institute, presented to the Mayor of Quito, Ecuador, Dr. Jamil Mahuad Witt, a report on the GCI's collaborative work with the Municipality of Quito on preserving its historic city center.

The report comprised descriptions of various initiatives undertaken in recent years. These include an architectural study of Calle García Moreno and a color history of buildings along the street; a scale model representing the rehabilitated street; meteorological monitoring in the historic center; a seismic colloquium held in June 1993; the continuing conservation and cataloguing work at the La Merced Library (undertaken collaboratively with the Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities); conservation grants by the Getty Grant Program to the Church of La Merced; technical advice provided to La Compañía de Jesús, including the report of Gordon Hanlon of the J. Paul Getty Museum on the gilding in the church; a public opinion/awareness survey; photographic documentation of the historic center; 30-minute video on Quito's historic core; a full-color poster to promote public acceptance of the city center's rehabilitation; and a variety of articles in several publications.

Working closely with the Institute on its Quito projects is the municipality's Fondo de Salvamento and the Fundación Caspicara, a private, nonprofit organization.