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Quito: Preserving a Historic City
The colonial architecture of Ecuador's capital Quito matches in splendor its Andean setting, high on the slopes of Mt. Pichincha. But like many other historic cities, Quito's colonial center is engulfed by a larger, modern urban complex and subject to the stresses and strains of late 20th century life. Now, public and private efforts are underway to rescue this city's architectural wealth from decades of decline and restore its streets and structures to a measure of their past glory.

The Challenges Ahead for Quito: "South America's Jewel"
Jamil Mahuad Witt, the mayor of Quito, Ecuador talks about his major goals for the city and the steps being taken to preserve Quito's historic city center.

Dealing with Earthquakes: The Quito Colloquium
Among the main causes of damage to historic structures are natural disasters—and among the most serious of natural disasters are earthquakes. Throughout its 460 years, the city of Quito has sustained its share of earthquakes which have damaged many of its colonial buildings. With the objective of sharing information on seismic stabilization, the Getty Conservation Institute cosponsored in Quito an international colloquium on the "Seismic Protection of Historic Buildings and Monuments."

Cairo Conference Leads to New Funds for Conservation
In response to Egypt's disastrous 1992 earthquake, an international conference was convened in Cairo to help direct conservation funding and technical support. Experts in conservation and seismology held technical discussions and surveyed damaged areas throughout Cairo's old city. In the wake of the conference, the American Research Center in Egypt has completed negotiations with the United States Agency for International Development to administer a $15 million fund for the conservation of Egyptian monuments.

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