Pest Management and Control for Museums

The Getty Conservation Institute will offer a course on pest management April 11-15, 1994 at the Institute. The course is designed for conservators, collection managers, and other museum personnel responsible for overseeing pest management policies and activities, including eradication procedures, within their institutions. Course topics will include: Integrated Pest Management as part of an overall preventive conservation strategy; identification of insect pests and the damage they may cause; methods to prevent infestations; and, options for combating infestations.

Instructors for the course will be leading specialists in the areas of insect identification, Integrated Pest Management, and insect pest eradication by means of chemical fumigants, inert gases, and freezing. Instructors will include members of the Institute's Scientific Program and staff of the J. Paul Getty Museum, as well as personnel from other museums and research institutions.