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The Preservation of Information
As we near the end of the 20th century, our large public and university research libraries are grappling with the problem of preserving enormous collections that continue to grow. The range of materials in these collections and the diverse methods needed to maintain those materials complicate the preservation task. While new technologies may ultimately preserve the intellectual content of some materials, no technology is likely to prove to be the one solution to the multiplicity of problems.

Rising from the Ashes: The Los Angeles Public Library
The Director of the Los Angeles Central Public Library, Elizabeth Gay Teoman, talks about the Library's 10-year development campaign that endured two fires, the economic challenge of a major recession, and, most recently, a threadbare city budget.

Phased Conservation Revisited
Coping with the intimidating task of preserving large library collections may demand methods based on preventing or slowing deterioration. One such strategy, called "phased conservation," is being employed by the Library of Congress. The head of the Library's Conservation Office describes the virtues of this approach.

A Research Initiative for Preservation in Libraries
In 1986 the Commission on Preservation and Access was founded to promote ways of preserving our intellectual heritage. In 1992 the Commission approved a scientific research initiative aimed at bringing together conservation scientists and preservation administrators of libraries and archives. The initiative's purpose—to create an agenda for critical preservation research. Today, the outlines of that agenda are emerging.

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