Art and Eternity: The Nefertari Wall Paintings Conservation Projects, 1986-1992

This five-year project, a joint venture of the Getty Conservation Institute and the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, brought together scientists and conservators from all over the world to address the problems facing this exceptional site. The final report, to be published in May, includes articles by those who were most intimately involved with its rescue, including conservators Paolo and Laura Mora, who trained and supervised the conservation team. Others contribute articles on the archaeology of the Valley of the Queens, the iconography of the tomb, the original techniques and materials used by the artists, photographic documentation of the paintings, literary sources, and environmental monitoring of the tomb.

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The Conservation of Artifacts Made from Plant Materials

This teaching guide is now in its second printing.

"The quantity of pertinent information presented about plant materials, their traditional uses, their deterioration, and recommendations for their care makes this new reference publication an essential resource for practicing conservators." J.D. Portell and A.J. Neumann, Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 30:111-14, 1991.

"[A]n extraordinary reference source for conservators, anthropologists, archaeologists, and ethnobotanists....I know of nothing similar and cannot imagine any institution being without this book if they are responsible for the care of any plant-based artifacts." William Emboden, Economic Botany 46(4):431-32, 1992.

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