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Nefertari: Saving the Queen
She was the beloved consort of Rameses the Great, and when she died she was laid to rest in one of the most beautiful tombs of Egyptian royalty. But for much of this century, experts have pondered how to keep the wall paintings of the tomb of Nefertari from turning to dust. Now, after an intense six-year effort by an international team of specialists, the remaining images of an elegant queen among the gods have been saved.

Gamal Mokhtar: A Life Devoted to Egypt's Cultural Heritage
The former chairman of the Egyptian Antiquities Organization discusses the history of the Nefertari project and his efforts to promote awareness of Egypt's rich cultural heritage throughout the world.

The Tomb of Kiki: Keeper of Accounts for Cattle
The great Egyptian necropolis at Thebes included not only royal burial grounds, but the final resting places of court officials who had served their pharaohs. In conjunction with the Nefertari Conservation Project, the Egyptian Antiquities Organization and the Getty Conservation Institute recently completed the conservation of a noble's tomb in the valley of Deir El-Bahari.

In the Tomb of Tutankhamun
The treasures of the tomb of Tutankhamun astound us as much today as they did when they were discovered in 1922. Unfortunately, the tomb that housed these masterpieces for so many centuries continues to deteriorate. To preserve this site of international importance, the Egyptian Antiquities Organization and the Getty Conservation Institute have joined together to insure the tomb's survival for future generations.

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