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Site Conservation: A Question of Values
Managing an historic site for the purpose of conservation is more than a matter of technical solutions. One of the first steps in the process should be determining a site's cultural value. This issue's feature article looks at the need for site management, and the role significance assessment and local consultation should play in the development of management plans.

Sacred Landscapes: A Conversation with Sharon Sullivan
The Director of the Australian Heritage Commission discusses her country's experience with the preservation of cultural places and explores the question of what constitutes cultural significance.

International Symposium on the Great Sphinx
The Great Sphinx, an icon of Egyptian civilization, has endured for 4,600 years. Its continued survival, however, is by no means assured. Slowly, but relentlessly, the carved figure is flaking away. This spring the Egyptian Antiquities Organization held an international conference of 90 specialists from a variety of disciplines to address the complicated question of what should be done.

Protecting Ancient Ruins: Chaco Canyon
Over a thousand years ago, a great community flourished within the desert mesas of northwestern New Mexico. Today, the monumental archaeological remains of the Anasazi people in Chaco Canyon are threatened by water from rain and snow. Working together, the U.S. National Park Service and the Getty Conservation Institute are investigating methods that may help preserve not only the ruins in Chaco Canyon, but many others as well.

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Updates on recent GCI events, upcoming courses and conferences, and new publications, as well as staff profiles.

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