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The Future of Conservation
While scientific issues remain central to the conservation profession, the field is now faced with challenges outside the scope of science. This article reviews the conditions that characterize the present environment for conservation and outlines how the broader issues of resource allocation, politics, and public awareness will shape the future for those working in conservation.

From the Heart: A Conversation with Paolo and Laura Mora
The former Chief Conservators at the Instituto Centrale del Restauro in Rome reflect on their forty years experience in the conservation field.

Comprehensive Binding Media Collection Assembled at GCI
Binding media analysis is a critical element in the conservation process. Yet analysis has been hampered in the past by the lack of well-established analytical standards. The GCls binding media collection is part of an ongoing effort to establish standards in this important area.

Environmental Monitoring of Cultural Sites
Extensive environmental data on outdoor sites has long been needed but has rarely been available. The GCI has developed autonomous, solar powered environmental monitoring stations to provide the data needed by site managers and conservators to make informed decisions.

Preserving Historic Cities: A Global Issue for the 90s
The history of urban conservation has yet to produce a consensus on how to balance the goals of conservation with the demands of city life. Nevertheless, there is a growing recognition that preserving historic cities could become one of the most pressing conservation issues of the decade.

GCI News
Updates of recent GCI events, upcoming courses and projects, conferences, and new publications are reported. Appointment of new GCI Director and other staff news.

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