New Director for Scientific Program

Dr. Neville Agnew has been appointed Special Projects Director. Dr. Agnew joined the GCI in January 1988 as Deputy Director of the Scientific Program, becoming Program Director in 1990. Prior to joining the GCI, he spent eight years at the Queensland Museum in Australia, where he established the Museum's conservation section and conducted research on preservation of sites. Dr. Agnew has developed the GCI's research program in adobe conservation and its field projects in site management, protection, and conservation. As Special Projects Director, he supervises the GCI's field presence throughout the world. Current projects include conservation work in the People's Republic of China, Egypt, Cyprus, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

Dr. Frank Preusser, GCI Associate Director for Programs, is presently serving as Acting Scientific Program Director until a Director is named. Dr. Preusser joined the Getty in 1983 as Conservation Scientist and Laboratory Head at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Appointed Scientific Program Director of the GCI in 1985, Dr. Preusser developed the full range of GCI research activities in partnership with other research institutions throughout the world. In 1990, he was appointed Associate Director of Programs. Prior to joining the Getty, Dr. Preusser was Head of the Research Laboratory for the Doerner Institut, Munich.

Dr. Dusan Stulik has been named Deputy Director GCI Scientific Program. Dr. Stulik, who joined the GCI in 1988 as Head of the Program's Analytical Section, has been instrumental in developing the Institute's research in binding media analysis, indoor air pollution, volatile inorganic components, and new technologies. Prior to this, he served as Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Washington State University.

Ms. Jane Slate Siena has been appointed to the new post of Head Institutional Relations. She joined the GCI in 1985 as Special Projects Coordinator, was appointed Program Officer in 1986, and is founding Editor of The GCI Newsletter. Prior to joining the GCI, she served as Project Coordinator for the National Institute for Conservation, Washington, D.C. As Head of Institutional Relations, Ms. Slate Siena will seek to strengthen the GCI's relations with other institutions concerned with conservation, and to develop new partnerships that will further the GCI's mission and mandate.

She will continue serving this publication as Managing Editor. Mr. Jeffrey Levin has been named Editor of Conservation, The GCI Newsletter. Mr. Levin is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who has worked in government and the media.