Museum staff wearing cloth masks against the COVID virus standing with boxes and signage. Conservation Perspectives, the GCI Newsletter

Conservation Perspectives, The GCI Newsletter
Conservation and the Pandemic
Spring 2021

In this issue

    • Conservation Training During COVID-19 by Glenn Wharton, Ana Lizeth Mata Delgado, and Stavroula Golfomitsou
    • Reflections of Private Practitioners: Essays by Claudia Chemello and Christopher Garrand
    • Reflections on the International Institute for Conservation and the COVID-19 Pandemic by Julian Bickerstech and Sarah Stannage
    • The Pandemic in the Not-for-Profit Sphere: Essays by Louise Bertini, A G Krishna Menon, and Katherine Malone-France
    • Navigating Safety and Access: A Conversation about Museums in the Time of the Pandemic
    • Historic Places, Sacred Spaces: A Conversation about Built Heritage Conservation in the Time of the Pandemic
    • GCI News with project updates, events, and publications