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For millennia, communities around the world have used earth to construct an array of impressive structures. Despite their prevalence, earthen buildings are highly susceptible to damage from seismic events. Since the 1990s, the GCI has worked to advance conservation of earthen heritage through its Getty Seismic Adobe Project and more recently with its Seismic Retrofitting Project (SRP), which aims to combine traditional construction techniques with leading methodologies to improve the structural performance of earthen buildings.

These publications are from the dissemination phase of SRP. Testing of Materials and Building Components describes the material characteristics of adobe, brick masonry, and timber used in historic buildings while presenting a set of extensive tests on quincha panels and traditional timber joints found in churches on the Peruvian coast. Informe sobre el análisis de condiciones, diagnóstico y pruebas de protección para las pinturas murales establishes a methodology for the stabilization of the wall paintings using the church of Kuñotambo as a case study on consolidating its finishes prior to the seismic retrofitting of the site. Recommendations for Advanced Modeling outlines instructions for the application of numerical modeling in projects involving historic earthen structures and specific analyses required for their evaluation.


Seismic Retrofitting Project Testing of Materials and Building Components of Historic Adobe Buildings in Peru. Daniel Torrealva, Erika Vicente, and Tim Michiels in collaboration with Federica Greco, Claudia Cancino, and Kelly Wong



Proyecto de Estabilización Sismorresistente Informe sobre el análisis de condiciones, diagnóstico y pruebas de protección para las pinturas murales–Templo Santiago Apóstol de Kuñotambo. Clemencia Vernaza, Claudia Cancino y Leslie Rainer en colaboración con Rotney Abrill Ugarte, Humberto Gutiérrez Palomino, Hugo Germán Rivera Rossell y Luis Villacorta Santamato


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Seismic Retrofitting Project Recommendations for Advanced Modeling of Historic Earthen Sites
Paulo B. Lourenço and João M. Pereira in collaboration with Giorgos Karanikoloudis, Federica Greco, and Claudia Cancino