FALL 2018
GCI News

Olga Gago Muñiz
Santiago Cathedral Foundation, Spain
"The Great Challenge at Worship Sites: Conserving Their Material Dimension While Also Preserving Their Intangible Heritage"
September–December 2018

Darius A. Arya
American Institute for Roman Culture, Italy
"The Role of New Media for Heritage Preservation and Promotion: Successful Storytelling, Best Practices, and Tools for Tangible Results"
October–December 2018

Jonathan Ashley-Smith
Independent Scholar, United Kingdom
"The Communication of Uncertainty in Cultural Heritage Management" January–March 2019

Giancarlo Buzzanca
Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Rome
"CA GraDoCo—Computer Aided Graphic Documentation for Conservation: Bibliographic Review and Analysis of Best Practices, Standards and Customization (1997/2007/2017)"
January–March 2019

Mario Eduardo Santana Quintero
Carleton University, Ottawa
"Ethical Principles for the Application of Digital Workflows in Heritage Conservation"
January–March 2019

Nancy J. Bell
The National Archives, Kew, and Visiting Researcher, Northumbria University, United Kingdom
"Building Better Bridges: Translating Heritage Science Research"
April–June 2019

Stephen J. Farneth
Architectural Resources Group, San Francisco
"Earthquake Disaster Recovery in Heritage Towns: Comparative Survey of Past Experience and Observations for an Improved Conservation- Focused Recovery Process"
April–June 2019

Stavroula Golfomitsou
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
"Perceptions of Cleaning in Museums"
April–June 2019