FALL 2018
GCI News
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Beginning June 24, 2018, the GCI held a nine-day colloquium with twenty-four rock art scholars, site managers, conservators, and filmmakers at the Getty Center, entitled Art on the Rocks: Developing Action Plans for Public and Professional Networking. The colloquium included discussions and presentations, as well as visits to rock art sites to discuss their management, preservation, research activities, and community issues. Participants visited the complex at Little Lake Ranch and Painted Rock, both in California, and the Lower Pecos River region in Texas.

In 2015 the GCI published Rock Art: A Cultural Treasure at Risk, which arose from the GCI's Southern African Rock Art Project and its exchange program among rock art specialists, managers, and custodian communities from southern Africa and Australia. Rock Art outlined a vision for rock art preservation and public involvement and has been the cornerstone for discussions since. Following its publication, the GCI organized a 2017 international colloquium, Art on the Rocks: A Global Heritage, in Namibia. The June 2018 colloquium was a follow-up to that event.

At the June 2018 colloquium, participants addressed two key directives established at the 2017 Namibia colloquium. The first was acknowledgment that to generate awareness for this endangered global heritage, rock art professionals must reach a broader audience. To this end, attendees committed to making greater use of media and to developing content for distribution to a range of audiences. With greater public enthusiasm for rock art preservation, policy and decision makers who are in positions to enact change will be motivated to do so. The second key directive addressed was the establishment of an informal network through which an exchange of information and intellectual resources can be made among allied professionals. By making connections between those responsible for site management, improved communication can elevate conservation and management practice. Participants committed to formulating tangible action plans to advance the agenda of this informal network.