FALL 2017
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Conservation of the Architectural Surfaces in the Tablinum of the House of the Bicentenary, Herculaneum
Phase I: Examination, Investigations, and Condition Assessment
Leslie Rainer, Kiernan Graves, Shin Maekawa, Mark Gittins, and Francesca Piqué

The Herculaneum Project for the conservation of the architectural surfaces in the tablinum of the House of the Bicentenary (Casa del Bicentenario), undertaken by the GCI in collaboration with the Herculaneum Conservation Project and the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum, is studying and conserving the wall paintings and mosaic pavement in this room as an example of a conservation methodology that can be used at other archaeological sites in the Vesuvian region.

This report documents the examination, investigations, and condition assessment carried out in the tablinum of the House of the Bicentenary during Phase I of the project (2011–16). Chapters include: Description of Architectural Surfaces; Reconstruction and Remounting Materials and Techniques of the Wall Paintings; Previous Interventions (1939–2011); Environmental Assessment; Scientific Report on the Wall Paintings; and Conditions of the Wall Paintings. The chapters incorporate photographic and graphic documentation illustrating the material discussed. Also included are an illustrated glossary of terms and a selected bibliography of references related to the topic.

This free publication is available online.