FALL 2017
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Salk Institute for Biological Studies Conservation Project: Teak Window Wall Assemblies
Phase 1: Research and Investigation Results and Preliminary Conservation Proposals
Sara Lardinois

In 2013 the GCI partnered with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies to address the aging of and long-term care for one of the Salk Institute’s major architectural elements—the teak window wall assemblies set within the buildings’ monolithic concrete walls. The resulting project was in two phases: Phase 1, Research and Investigation, and Phase 2, On-Site Trial Mock-Ups. This work informed the designs developed by the Salk’s architectural consultant and the construction project for the window wall assemblies undertaken in 2016–17.

This report presents the results of Phase 1 (2013–14), which included historical research and assessment of significance; preliminary condition assessment, scientific research, and diagnosis of weathering and deterioration mechanisms; and development of conservation policies and preliminary treatment recommendations.

This free publication is available online.