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2017–18 Conservation Guest Scholars

José Rodrigues
Independent Scholar, Portugal
“Conservation of Granite in Built Heritage”
September–December 2017

Glenn Wharton
Museum Studies, New York University
“Beyond Material: Issues in the Conservation of Contemporary Art”
September–December 2017

Mona Jimenez
Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program, New York University
“Conservation Surveys for Time-Based Media Art Collections”
January–March 2018

Mary Kerrigan
Independent Scholar, Northern Ireland
“A City Reshaped by the Politics of Peace: Learning for Places Resolving Division and Conflict”
January–March 2018

Paulo Lourenço
University of Minho, Portugal
“Conservation of Heritage Masonry Structures”
January–June 2018

Cristina Menegazzi
UNESCO Beirut Office
“Palmyra: From Vandalism and Iconoclasm to a New Vision for Preservation and Museology”
April–June 2018

Katharine Whitman
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
“The History and Conservation of Glass-Supported Photographs”
April–June 2018