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Conservation Management Planning Workshop

In July 2017 members of the Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative (CMAI) presented a workshop in London on conservation management planning to recipients of grants from the Getty Foundation’s Keeping It Modern (KIM) initiative, which is dedicated to the conservation of twentieth-century architecture around the world. For the past two years, CMAI team members have presented conservation instruction during the workshops for KIM grantees.

For this year’s workshop, CMAI developed a formal three-day course to provide training in the principles and application of conservation management planning and in values-based management. Participants included conservators, architects, owners, and managers of projects. Training included lectures, exercises, discussion, and site visits. A preworkshop component—a curriculum, didactic materials, and preclass exercises and readings—was offered online.

The workshop also gave participants the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with the intent of fostering a community of practitioners engaged in the conservation of modern architecture. In presenting this workshop, CMAI hopes to improve outcomes of KIM-funded projects that include conservation management planning documents and physical investigation—and, more broadly, to improve the management, conservation, and recognition of modern architectural heritage.