FALL 2017
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Rock Art Colloquium

In April 2017 the GCI organized an international colloquium, Art on the Rocks—A Global Heritage, at the World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein and at the Brandberg, both in Namibia, as part of its Southern African Rock Art Project. Topics included filmmaking and social media as a means to generate public interest; rock art as inspiration for contemporary artists; new technologies for rock art public accessibility; creating and sustaining volunteer organizations involved in site documentation and interpretation; indigenous community management of sites; participation in planning by local communities; economic benefits derived from rock art tourism; fundraising; collaboration between countries with different types of rock art; multimedia campaigns and promotional strategies; influencing policy makers; and creating public and political awareness.

Two related recommendations emerged from the colloquium: (1) to explore connections and collaborations with successful organizations whose mandate is rock art and that engage in public outreach, advocacy, film and media, and volunteering; and (2) to create an international network of successfully managed and viable sites. Extended abstracts of symposium presentations will be published later this year.