FALL 2017
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Eames House Environmental Investigation
Eames Foundation staff and the GCI project team

In recent years the GCI has collected environmental and climate data at the Eames House in Pacific Palisades, California, as part of its Eames House Conservation Project. In 2016 this data was analyzed and summarized by GCI senior scientist Shin Maekawa. Subsequently, work was initiated to develop an implementation strategy to assist the Eames Foundation in making environmental improvements to help protect the house and its collections.

First, a thorough condition assessment of the house’s collection was conducted. Second, Michael C. Henry, architect and mechanical engineer, was commissioned to develop an environmental improvement plan based on Maekawa’s work and considering both the condition of the collection and the management goals and aspirations of the Eames Foundation. At a two-day meeting in May 2017 at the Eames House and the Getty Center, the Eames Foundation and the project team discussed strategies and improvements related to temperature, humidity, UV and visible light levels, the collection, and the operational needs of this house museum. The implementation report is expected to be available at the end of 2017.