FALL 2016
Key Resources
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American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International
An international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.

The Art in Architecture/Fine Arts Division, GSA
Commissions American artists to create publicly scaled and permanently installed artworks for federal buildings nationwide and is responsible for their care and maintenance.

The Getty Conservation Institute Website
The Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative website has information about its projects, including the Modern Paints project; see also the Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces (CAPS) workshops.

International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA)
A platform for information exchange on all aspects of the conservation of contemporary cultural heritage, including plastics.

Modern Materials and Contemporary Art (MMCA) and Paintings working groups of ICOM-CC
Working groups of the International Council of Museums; the first promotes and facilitates the dissemination of research and discussion on the conservation of modern and contemporary art; the second encompasses areas of research that contribute to the understanding of the materiality and making of paintings and that facilitate their conservation and presentation.

Modern Oils Research Consortium (MORC)
International research consortium established to facilitate information exchange about research into modern oil paints.


Analysis of Modern Paints by Thomas J. S. Learner (2005), Los Angeles: Getty Publications.

The Conservation of Twentieth-Century Outdoor Painted Sculpture: Meeting Report by Tom Learner and Rachel Rivenc (2015), Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute.

Conserving Outdoor Painted Sculpture, edited by Lydia Beerkens and Tom Learner (2014), Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute.

A Constructive Vision: Latin American Abstract Art from the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros by James B. Cuno, John Elderfield, Ariel Jiménez, and Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (2010), New York: Fundación Cisneros.

The GCI’s Artist’s Materials Series, published by Getty Publications, Los Angeles:
Willem de Kooning: The Artist’s Materials
by Susan F. Lake (2010).
Jean Paul Riopelle: The Artist’s Materials
by Marie-Claude Corbeil, Kate Helwig,
and Jennifer Poulin (2011).
Lucio Fontana: The Artist’s Materials
by Pia Gottschaller (2012).
Hans Hofmann: The Artist’s Materials
by Dawn V. Rogala (2016).

The Impact of Modern Paints by Jo Crook and Tom Learner (2000), New York: Watson-Guptill.

Issues in Contemporary Oil Paint, edited by A. Burnstock, M. de Keijzer, J. Krueger, T. Learner, A. de Tagle, and G. Heydenreich (2014), New York: Springer.

Just Paint newsletter, published by Golden Artist Colors, Inc., New Berlin, New York.

Modern Paints Uncovered: Proceedings from the Modern Paints Uncovered Symposium, May 16–19, 2006, Tate Modern, London, edited by Thomas J. S. Learner, Patricia Smithen, Jay W. Krueger, and Michael R. Schilling (2008), Los Angeles: Getty Publications.


Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces (CAPS)
workshop videos

Conservation of Modern Paints

Exploring and Conserving Jackson Pollock's Mural

Outdoor Painted Sculpture