FALL 2016
GCI News
Staff Update
AATA Field Editors Retire

After more than sixty years of combined service to AATA Online, long-serving field editors Barbara Appelbaum, Judith Hofenk de Graaff, and Walter Henry retired from their editorships this past spring. In their roles as field editors, they served as expert advisers in their areas of specialty—helping monitor AATA Online's scope of coverage, evaluating abstracts for quality and relevance, bringing new and notable literature to light, and being ambassadors for this important resource to the field.

Their many years of participation in the editorial review process have helped AATA Online serve as a trusted and reliable source of information for conservators and other preservation professionals engaged in research, practice, and management. Through their involvement, they have also directly shaped the conservation profession and played critical roles in defining the field's body of knowledge—for which we, and the conservation field, are deeply grateful.