FALL 2016
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Recent Advances in Characterizing Asian Lacquer

The GCI is partnering with the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and the Rijksmuseum to offer the fourth Recent Advances in Characterizing Asian Lacquers workshop, to be hosted at Ateliergebouw, Amsterdam, May 15–19, 2017.

This five-day workshop will explore newly developed analytical procedures for acquiring detailed compositional information about Asian lacquers, their additives, and their European substitutes. During the workshop, conservators and scientists will work together in research teams to study historic lacquer samples. This is a unique opportunity for collaboration and the discussion of topics that include the compositional variation in lacquered objects made in different countries and time periods; the relevance of analytical research to conservation and interpretation; and the identification of research priorities and potential collaborations.

Workshop details and applications will be available online late fall 2016. Visit the GCI website or follow us on Facebook for further details.