Environmental Management for Collections: Alternative Conservation Strategies for Hot and Humid Climates

By Shin Maekawa, Vincent L. Beltran, and Michael C. Henry

In recent years, many cultural institutions in hot and humid climates have installed air-conditioning systems to protect their collections and provide comfort for employees and visitors. This practice, however, can pose complications, including problems of installation and maintenance, as well as structural damage to buildings, while failing to provide collections with a viable conservation environment.

This volume offers hands-on guidance for facing the specific challenges involved in conserving cultural heritage in hot and humid climates. Initial chapters present scientific and geographic overviews of these climates, outline risk-based classifications for environmental control, and discuss related issues of human health and comfort. The authors then describe climate management strategies that offer effective and reliable alternatives to conventional air-conditioning systems and that require minimal intervention to the historic fabric of buildings that contain collections. The book concludes with seven case studies of successful climate improvement projects undertaken by the Getty Conservation Institute in collaboration with cultural institutions around the world. Appendices include a unit conversion table, a glossary, and a full bibliography.

This book is an essential tool for cultural heritage conservators and museum curators, as well as other professionals involved in the design, construction, and maintenance of museums and other buildings housing cultural heritage collections in hot and humid climates.

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