Online Resources, Organizations & Networks

Bewahren der DDR-Alltagskultur aus Plaste
A website dedicated to preservation issues concerning plastics used for common design objects in the former East Germany. In German.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kunststoffgeschichte
A website dedicated to all aspects of the history and conservation of plastics. In German.

From Research to Restoration
A comprehensive study of polypropylene (PP), including scientific study and evaluations of conservation treatments.

Future Talks
Extended abstracts and general information from all three Future Talks conferences.

ICOM-CC Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Working Group
The working group of the International Council of Museums, which aims to promote and facilitate the dissemination of research and discussion on the conservation of modern and contemporary art.

International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA)
A platform for information exchange on all aspects of the conservation of contemporary cultural heritage, including plastics.

Plastics Historical Society
A resource for historical information on the development of plastics and identification of plastics by trade names.

Videos from talks at the “Preservation of Plastic Artefacts in Museum Collections” POPART project conference, 7–9 March 2012, Paris. Description of the POPART project and overview of relevant workshops and publications.

Books, Journals & Conference Proceedings

Conservation of Plastics: Materials Science, Degradation and Preservation
by Yvonne Shashoua (2008), Oxford: Butterworth- Heinemann.

Future Talks 009: The Conservation of Modern Materials in Applied Arts and Design
edited by Tim Bechthold (2011), Munich: Die Neue Sammlung, The International Design Museum.

Future Talks 011: Technology and Conservation of Modern Materials in Design
edited by Tim Bechthold (2013), Munich: Die Neue Sammlung, The International Design Museum.

Plastics in Art: A Study from the Conservation Point of View
by Friederike Waentig (2008), Petersberg, Germany: Michael Imhof (originally published as Kunststoffe in der Kunst, 2004).

Plastics in Art: History, Technology, Preservation
edited by Thea van Oosten, Yvonne Shashoua, and Friederike Waentig (2002), Munich: Siegl.

Plastics: Looking at the Future and Learning from the Past, Papers from the Conference Held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 23–25 May 2007
edited by Brenda Keneghan and Louise Egan (2009), London: Archetype Publications.

Preservation of Plastic Artefacts in Museum Collections
edited by Bertrand Lavédrine, Alban Fournier, and Graham Martin (2012), Paris: Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques.

PUR Facts: Conservation of Polyurethane Foam in Art and Design
by Thea van Oosten (2011), Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Saving the Twentieth Century, the Conservation of Modern Materials: Proceedings of a Conference, Symposium ’91, Saving the Twentieth Century, Ottawa, Canada, 15 to 20 September 1991
edited by David W. Grattan (1993), Ottawa: Canadian Conservation Institute.