On May 21 the GCI presented "Minding the Gap: The Role of Contemporary Architecture in the Historic Environment," a public symposium at the Getty Center that explored ways contemporary architects insert new buildings in historic urban areas to conserve the character and quality of the historic environment while potentially creating tomorrow's heritage.

The symposium began with a presentation by architectural critic Paul Goldberger, who looked at issues such as how respect for historic context is best expressed, and stressed that urban buildings are not just individual works of art but part of a city's larger composition. He was followed by renowned architects Rafael Moneo, Denise Scott Brown, Juergen Mayer H., Thomas H. Beeby, and Richard Rogers, who presented their own projects, demonstrating a vast range of approaches to defining context and designing in the historic environment. Some of the architects also discussed earlier interventions in historic areas that influenced their own work.

The symposium was part of the GCI's Contemporary Architecture in the Historic Environment project. Future project work will include developing case studies and creating documents that address the challenges of designing and assessing the impact of new buildings in the historic environment. The symposium can be viewed in its entirety on the GCI YouTube channel.