A Manual of Laboratory and Field Test Methods

This online manual provides a set of procedures for the testing of lime-based hydraulic injection grouts for the conservation of architectural surfaces. It is meant as a reference for conservation scientists in the laboratory and conservators in the field to test, evaluate, and select appropriate injection grouts for the conservation of delaminated wall paintings, plasters, and mosaics on vertical and horizontal spaces.

The information is based on the results of a GCI research project —Injection Grouts for the Conservation of Architectural Surfaces: Research and Evaluation—initiated in 2005. As part of the project, these laboratory and field testing procedures were developed to evaluate injection grouts specifically for architectural surfaces. The full suite of tests permits comprehensive evaluation of grout properties and performance when new grouts are developed, existing mixes are substantially modified, different formulations are compared, and individual properties for specific applications and field conditions are verified.

This volume is one of many GCI publications aimed at disseminating the results of Institute research to the conservation community. It is hoped that by providing scientists and conservators with reliable and comparable laboratory and field tests for the evaluation of injection grouts, this publication will advance conservation practice and lead to more informed conservation decisions.