In July 2013 the GCI organized a workshop titled "Conservation Strategies for Humidity and Water-Damaged Photographic Materials." Held at the Croatian State Archives in Zagreb, this was the first of the Advanced-Level Photograph Conservation Workshops, a new series of annual two-week workshops. This series will focus on specific types of damage or deterioration, exploring the nature and mechanisms of the damage as well as appropriate treatments.

At the Zagreb workshop, participants were presented with an overview of current knowledge of humidity- and water-damaged photographic materials, with an emphasis on recent research. Most of the workshop was spent in the conservation lab, where participants undertook treatment strategies and evaluated their applicability and efficacy. Group discussions explored a range of subjects, including treatment experiences, outstanding issues and problems for individuals and the field, and priorities for future workshops.

The workshop was led by Barbara Lemmen (Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts in Philadelphia), Debra Hess Norris (University of Delaware), Jana Križanova (Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia), and Tram Vo (GCI).