The Getty Conservation Institute is pleased to co-host with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) the Fortieth International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA), May 19– 23, 2014. This five-day symposium, held at the Getty Villa and UCLA campuses, will highlight recent advances in analytical technologies and new scientific findings on the analysis of archaeological and cultural materials. Topics as wide-ranging as the technology and provenance of ancient glass, metals, and ceramics and the reconstruction of ancient diets will be covered.

The symposium brings together international scholars from diverse fields, such as conservation science, physics, chemistry, materials science, geology, biology, computer science, archaeology, anthropology, and art history, to discuss the relevance and use of analytical methods in the study of the ancient world.

In addition to classic ISA session themes (e.g., archaeochronology, metals, bio-archaeology), special sessions will discuss looting and illicit trafficking of antiquities, as well as scientific evidence for the transition from the late Bronze Age to the early Iron Age.

Registration for the conference begins June 15, 2013. Due to space limitations, registration will be limited to 250 people. The language of the conference and materials will be English.

Extended abstracts for topics to be delivered at ISA 2014 will be published in advance of the conference. The deadline for abstracts is December 16, 2013.