Barbara Friedenberg, who served as a research database editor for AATA Online for over two decades, retired at the beginning of March 2013. For the past several years, she has been responsible for researching, verifying, and standardizing bibliographic information for all new titles abstracted in AATA. Furthermore, and most important, Barbara has edited all abstracts to AATA Online style standards—nearly 4,000 a year.

Barbara also played an active role in improving AATA's in-house production system, GAIA, and implementing upgrades to AATA's public interface, working closely with the Getty's ITS Application Team. She was the authoritative source whenever there were questions about any AATA record. Of the more than 120,000 records in AATA, most have in some way been improved by Barbara's excellent editorial skills and deep knowledge of the field of conservation. Those who have worked with her can also attest to her modest, hardworking character and quiet dedication. She plans to spend her retirement enjoying family and friends and exploring new pastimes.