As part of the Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative (CMAI), launched in March 2012 (see Conservation Perspectives, vol. 27, no. 1), the GCI is presenting a series of public events related to the conservation of modern architecture that are relevant to a wide professional audience. The first of these, "Approaches to Conserving Modern Architecture in the U.S.A.," was held in June 2012. Gunny Harboe, FAIA, founder of Harboe Architects; Leo Marmol, FAIA, managing principal of Marmol Radziner; and Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, AIA, principal-in-charge of Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture, were joined by CMAI project manager Kyle Normandin in a discussion and examination of new approaches to balance design and conservation principles in the rehabilitation of modern architecture. Watch the June 2012 event, in its entirety, on the GCI's YouTube channel ( and subscribe to our channel to be notified when new videos are posted.

The next event, "Continuity and Change: Approaches to Conserving Modern Architecture Internationally", scheduled for November 15, 2012, will focus on the restoration and adaptive reuse of the iconic Modern Movement building ensemble the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, designed and built between 1926 and 1930 by Brinkman and Van der Vlugt. Extensive historical research into the buildings’ construction techniques and early colors was the basis for an outstanding restoration and reuse of these buildings of European and international importance. In 2008 the project and its team received the Europa Nostra Award, the Grand Prix of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage. Guest speaker and prominent architect Wessel de Jonge, of Wessel De Jonge Architecture, will discuss current and emerging issues related to the restoration and adaptive reuse of the Van Nelle Factory and, more broadly, will address how conservation approaches used in this project can promote sound conservation decisions and practice for managing change in works of modern and postwar architecture.