Since 2000 the GCI's Conservation Guest Scholar program has provided an opportunity for leaders in conservation to pursue research that will advance conservation practice and contribute new ideas to the field. Successful candidates are in residence at the Getty Center for periods of three, six, or nine months, and they are chosen by a professional committee through a competitive process. For more information on the Conservation Guest Scholars program and information on the application process, click on the Guest Scholars link on the GCI home page ( The deadline to apply for the 2013–14 Conservation Guest Scholar program is November 1, 2012.

2012—13 Conservation Guest Scholars
The Getty Conservation Institute is pleased to welcome the 2012–13 Conservation Guest Scholars, who will be in residence at the GCI starting in September 2012.

Lynn Pamela Campbell, Conservator
Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu, New Zealand. "An Investigation into New and Recent Methods and Processes Involved in the Salvage of Heritage Collections in an Earthquake Zone"
September––December 2012

Neil McKerrow Thornton Jackson, Professor of Architecture
University of Liverpool, England. "Conserving the California Steel House: A Guide to Good Practice"
January–March 2013

Katarina Kristianova, Professor
Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Bratislava. "Gardens of MoMo in Slovakia: Aspects of Preservation and Restoration."
January–March 2013

Ruven Lucio Saravana Pillay, Research Scientist
Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France, France. "Computational Image Analysis and Visualization for Art Conservation"
April–June 2013

Marina Pugliese, Director
Comune di Milano, Museo del Novecento, Italy. "The Impact of Lucio Fontana's Research on Environmental Artworks and Installations Between 1950 and 1970: Historical, Documentary, and Conservation Issues"
April–June 2013

Donald Shelby Sale, Preventive Conservation Manager
Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton, England. "Developing a Methodology for the Evaluation of Adhesives and Consolidants for Sculpture and Objects Made of Transparent Plastics Using Accelerated and Natural Long-Term Aging" October 2012–March 2013

Paul Schwartzbaum, Senior Technical Advisor
and Conservator for Museum Construction and Overseas Exhibitions for the Guggenheim Foundation, United States. "The History and the Potential Downside of Preventive Conservation in the Exhibition of Works of Art" April–May 2013

Application materials for the Conservation Guest Scholar, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Conservation Science, and Graduate Internship programs can be found on the Getty Foundation website at

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity
Applications are now being accepted for the 2013—15 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Conservation Science, a two-year program designed to provide recent PhD recipients in chemistry and the physical sciences with experience in conservation science. The 2013—15 fellow will undertake research as part of the GCI's Collections Research group.

Applicants should have a recent (2008 or later) PhD in chemistry or another physical science, experimental research experience, strong instrumental analysis skills, and an aptitude for learning and adapting new analytical techniques. Applicants should be creative and versatile problem solvers and be able to work effectively in small teams. Candidates should have an interest in the visual arts and a serious interest in pursuing a career in conservation science within the museum environment.

Application materials and the full terms of the postdoctoral program are available on the Getty Foundation website. Completed application materials are accepted online only. The deadline for receipt is November 1, 2012.

Graduate Intern Program
Applications are now being accepted for the 2013–14 Getty Graduate Internship Program. Graduate internships at the Getty support full-time positions for students who intend to pursue careers in fields related to the visual arts. Programs and departments throughout the Getty provide training and work experience in areas such as curatorial, education, conservation, research, information management, public programs, and grant making.

The GCI pursues a broad range of activities dedicated to advancing conservation practice and education, in order to enhance and encourage the preservation, understanding, and interpretation of the visual arts. Twelve-month internships are available in the Education, Field Projects, and Science departments of the GCI.

Detailed instructions, application forms, and additional information are available online in the "Funding Priorities, Leadership" section of the Getty Foundation website. For further information, contact the Getty Foundation at The deadline for applications is December 1, 2012.

2012—13 GCI Graduate Interns

Thomas Bernecker
Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, Germany
MOSAIKON: Site Management and Technician Training

Julia Langenbacher
Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Germany
Preservation of Plastics

Jesse Windflower Lattig
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States
Arches Database Project

Sonia Maccagnola
Università di Bologna, Italy
Collections Research Laboratory

Tim Luk Germain Michiels
Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (Catholic University of Leuven), Belgium
Earthen Architecture Initiative

Luise Rellensmann
Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany
Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative