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Technician Training Handbook Revised
cover - Technician Training

Significantly revised and updated in the context of the Getty's MOSAIKON initiative, this handbook provides written, graphic, and photographic documentation methodologies and lesson summaries on topics ranging from the deterioration of mosaics, to an introduction to lime-based mortars and their use for stabilization treatments, to the fundamentals of mosaic reburial—an indispensable preventive conservation intervention.

These didactic materials are a reference document for technicians during and after training and are meant to accompany theoretical lessons and practical training on site. While step-by-step instructions are provided for documentation of mosaics and of technicians' work on them, this resource is not intended as a manual for the treatment of in situ mosaics.

This handbook is available on the GCI website in PDF format in English, French, and Arabic, as well as in a print-on-demand edition (English and French) through