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Eames House Conservation Project

The Eames House Conservation Project— the first field project under the banner of the Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative— focuses on the 1949 Los Angeles home designed by Charles and Ray Eames, an iconic work of modern architecture. The GCI has partnered with the Eames Foundation, with an aim to develop a long-term conservation management plan that embodies a sustainable approach to the care and conservation of the site and includes a maintenance program. The project—undertaken with the support of the GCI Council—will address a number of interrelated conservation issues that include the building envelope, the internal fabric, and the development of an appropriate internal environment for the interior fabric of the house with its varied collection, which draws on the history of the former occupants. The GCI is currently providing conservation advice to the project by investigating the environmental conditions of the house and performing scientific analysis of the material fabric—including paint finishes and wood treatments—with assistance from Getty Museum conservators.

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