In December 2008, the Getty Conservation Institute published The Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey Report: A Framework for a Citywide Historic Resource Survey. It is available online in PDF format on the Getty Web site.

This report is the culmination of the GCI's Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey project. In 2002 the GCI began working with the City of Los Angeles on a comprehensive program of research into historic resource survey methods and best practices, as well as the myriad uses of survey data. The report provides a flexible framework that the city is using to design and conduct the country's most ambitious citywide historic resource survey to date.

Since late 2006, the City of Los Angeles's Office of Historic Resources—with technical, advisory, and financial support from the GCI and the Getty Foundation—has taken the lead in developing the survey, which has been named SurveyLA. With the launch of three pilot surveys in December 2008 and January 2009, the project is in the final stages of its initiation phase. The pilot surveys will test systems and methods developed during this phase, including a citywide historic context statement; a survey database and field guide to survey evaluation; field equipment; a public participation and outreach program; and methods of reviewing and approving survey findings. The three-year implementation phase, during which citywide field surveys will be conducted and data will be recorded, will commence in 2009.

While the citywide survey framework and methods presented in the GCI report were developed for the City of Los Angeles, it will be valuable to others interested in surveys who may be undertaking comparable work.

To learn more about the GCI's Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey Project, visit the project Web site.

Further information on SurveyLA can be found on the Los Angeles Department of City Planning Office of Historic Resources Web site.