The Getty Conservation Institute, the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava, and the Slovak National Library are pleased to offer a three-module course, "Fundamentals of the Conservation of Photographs," to support the development of photograph conservation in central, southern, and eastern Europe.

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The course has been designed to provide learning and practical experience in both classroom and workplace settings over a period of nine months. This combination of theoretical and hands-on training will allow participants to build a strong understanding of photographic materials and processes, the deterioration mechanisms associated with them, and the appropriate conservation strategies that will assure their long-term preservation.

The first module of the course is scheduled for July 2008 and will be held at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the Slovak Republic. Participants, midcareer conservators or cultural heritage specialists, will be drawn from museums, libraries, and archives in Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

This educational initiative complements the GCI's Research on the Conservation of Photographs project, which seeks to develop improved methodologies for the detailed characterization of photographic material and to improve the practice of photography conservation.

For more information on the "Fundamentals of the Conservation of Photographs," visit the course Web site.