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Cultural Property at War: Protecting Heritage during Armed Conflict
Looking to the past, we can learn much from the ways in which cultural heritage professionals have helped save cultural property at risk in war zones. Looking ahead, cultural heritage organizations and professionals should combine their efforts under the banner of the International Committee of the Blue Shield and its affliated organizations—the most effective mechanism for the protection of cultural property during armed conflict.

Putting Heritage on the Map: A Discussion about Disaster Management and Cultural Heritage
Rohit Jigyasu, a conservation architect and risk management consultant based in India; Jane Long, vice president for emergency programs at Heritage Preservation in Washington DC; and Ben Wisner, a researcher associated with Oberlin College, the London School of Economics, and University College London, talk with Jeffrey Levin, editor of Conservation, The GCI Newsletter.

Rethinking Crescent City Culture: New Orleans Two and a Half Years Later
In New Orleans, a number of cultural institutions were severely damaged by the flooding and high winds of Hurricane Katrina. After the hurricane, all cultural institutions, physically damaged or not, were faced with a New Orleans that had a different demographic and far less tourism than the pre-Katrina city. The survival of the city's cultural and historic institutions will depend upon their ability to adapt.

"Where's the Fire?": Teamwork for Integrated Emergency Management
The GCI has long worked to develop practical solutions to the technical problems faced in protecting collections and buildings in emergency situations. Since 2004 the Institute has collaborated with ICOM and ICCROM on an education initiative focused on safeguarding museums from the effects of natural and human-caused emergencies.

GCI News: Projects, Events, and Publications
Updates on Getty Conservation Institute projects, events, publications, and staff.