Edited by Thomas J. S. Learner, Patricia Smithen, Jay Krueger, and Michael R. Schilling

book cover - Modern Paints Uncovered

Over the past seventy years, a staggering array of new pigments and binders has been developed and used in the production of paint, and twentieth-century artists readily applied these materials to their canvases. Paints intended for houses, boats, cars, and other industrial applications frequently turn up in modern art collections, posing new challenges for paintings conservators.

This volume presents papers and posters from "Modern Paints Uncovered," a symposium organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, Tate, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, in May 2006. It showcases the varied strands of current research into the conservation of modern and contemporary painted surfaces. These include paint properties and surface characteristics, methods of analyzing and identifying modern paints, aging behavior, and safe and effective conservation techniques.

Thomas J. S. Learner is senior scientist for contemporary art research at the GCI and former senior conservation scientist at Tate; Patricia Smithen is a conservator of modern and contemporary paintings at Tate; Jay Krueger is senior conservator of modern paintings at the National Gallery of Art; and Michael R. Schilling is a senior scientist and head of analytical technologies at the GCI.

372 pages, 9 × 11 inches
104 color and 64 duotone illustrations,
58 line drawings, 27 tables, paper, $75.00

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