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The History and Conservation of Digital Prints
The wide use today of digital printing processes in the visual arts, including photography, poses a great challenge for museums and other institutions collecting digital prints. Conservators handling these prints will need to develop a better understanding of the many new inks, substrates, and surface coatings used in digital printing.

Preservation in the Digital Age: A Discussion about Conservation in Libraries and Archives
Nancy Bell of the National Archives in the United Kingdom, Jana Kolar of the National and University Library in Slovenia, and Dianne van der Reyden of the U.S. Library of Congress talk with Jeffrey Levin, editor of Conservation, The GCI Newsletter, and GCI senior scientist James Druzik.

Research on the Conservation of Photographs: A Project Update
The Getty Conservation Institute has been collaborating with a variety of partners on a project that has already resulted in the development of techniques that can identify more than a third of the chemical photographic processes used since photography's beginnings. The project includes several other initiatives that seek to improve the practice of photog­raphy conservation.

Research on Museum Lighting: A Project Update
Lighting—an essential element in the exhibition of museum collections—also has the potential to damage sensitive works of art in visible and nonvisible ways. The Getty Conservation Institute is working with other institutions on ways to illuminate such works that minimize damage and maximize the visitor's viewing experience.

GCI News: Projects, Events, and Publications
Updates on Getty Conservation Institute projects, events, publications, and staff.