Terra 2008

Registration is now open for the Terra 2008 Tenth International Conference on the Study and Conservation of Earthen Architectural Heritage, organized by the Getty Conservation Institute and the Ministry of Culture of Mali, in collaboration with Africa 2009, CRATerre-ENSAG, ICOMOS South Africa, ICCROM, and the World Heritage Centre, under the aegis of ICOMOS and its International Scientific Committee for Earthen Architectural Heritage. The conference will take place in Bamako, Mali, February 1–5, 2008.

This event will provide a unique opportunity to discuss and observe conservation issues particular to sub-Saharan Africa, a region rich in earthen architecture, and to exchange information on the latest research and best practices in the study and conservation of worldwide earthen architecture. Conference themes include:

  • earthen architecture in Mali,
  • conservation and management of archaeological sites,
  • conservation of living sites (cities, settlements, cultural landscapes),
  • challenges and opportunities of conservation and development,
  • local knowledge systems and intangible aspects of earthen architecture,
  • standards and guidelines for new and existing structures,
  • seismic and other natural forces,
  • advances in research.
earthen mosque Mali

In addition, a five-day postconference tour to Tombouctou, Djenné, and the Dogon Country (February 6–10, 2008) and a three-day tour to Tombouctou, Djenné, and Mopti (February 6–8, 2008), for a maximum of ninety participants, will be offered. Organized by a local tour agency in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and local cultural missions, the tours will highlight outstanding examples of the rich and diverse earthen architectural traditions of Mali. Experienced staff and guides of the cultural missions will present all sites to the groups.

Conference registration forms and additional information—including details on conference costs, postconference tours, and travel to Mali—are available on the Getty Web site.

Limited financial assistance will be available to participants from developing countries. Requests for funding assistance should be made as soon as possible and directed to Kathleen Louw (klouw@getty.edu) or Leslie Rainer (lrainer@getty.edu).