In late 2006, the Getty Conservation Institute and the Office of Historic Resources of the City of Los Angeles completed a request-for-proposals document to solicit proposals from private consulting firms for the creation of a Los Angeles Historic Context Statement and Field Guide to Survey Evaluation. Since 2002 the Getty Conservation Institute has been working cooperatively with the City of Los Angeles and civic stakeholders to research historic resource survey methods and survey usage through the Institute's Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey project (LAHRS).

The request-for-proposals document is now being circulated to and considered by consulting firms from around the country. Once a proposal has been selected, the City of Los Angeles will focus on developing survey systems and protocols, testing survey methods, and evaluating the process through pilot surveys. The city's Office of Historic Resources will be responsible for the management of the survey, employing professional standards, ensuring the use of survey data by city departments, and making it available to the public. The GCI, through LAHRS, will provide technical and management support to the city during this period.

In August 2005 the Los Angeles City Council authorized the first comprehensive citywide historic resource survey of Los Angeles. The Getty Trust agreed to provide a matching grant of up to $2.5 million over five years to the city to underwrite a portion of the operating and development expenses and field survey costs.

In addition to its assessment of the purpose and value of a citywide historic resource survey, LAHRS has published the guidebook Incentives for the Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic Homes in the City of Los Angeles to assist homeowners and prospective owners of older properties in Los Angeles to identify financial, tax, and regulatory incentives of benefit to them. The guidebook is available free of charge in PDF format on the Getty Web site.

For more information on LAHRS, visit the Getty Web site.