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From the Outside In: Preventive Conservation, Sustainability, And Environmental Management
In the search for solutions that promote not only the conservation of material culture but also the conservation of the global environment, stewards of cultural heritage should review current approaches to environmental control and revisit traditional building design and use, as part of environmental management strategies for collections.

Passive Design, Mechanical Systems, and Doing Nothing: A Discussion about Environmental Management
Ernest Conrad, a U.S. engineer involved in the design of climate control systems; Tim Padfield, a consultant in preventive conservation who has worked at institutions in Europe and the United States; and Franciza Toledo, a private researcher and consultant in preventive conservation in Brazil, talk with Shin Maekawa and Jeffrey Levin of the Getty Conservation Institute.

Collections Care, Human Comfort, and Climate Control: A Case Study at the Casa de Rui Barbosa Museum
After researching alternative climate control strategies for establishing safe environments for collections in hot and humid regions, the GCI is now collaborating with the Casa de Rui Barbosa Museum in Rio de Janeiro to test the applicability of the GCI's climate control strategy in a setting where human comfort is an important consideration.

Our Lord in the Attic: A Preventive Conservation Case Study
The GCI's Education and Science departments are working with colleagues in the Netherlands to develop a preventive conservation case study on an unusual historic house museum in the center of Amsterdam—a seventeenth-century canal house that holds a surprise in its attic: a Catholic church.

GCI News: Projects, Events, and Publications
Updates on Getty Conservation Institute projects, events, publications, and staff.