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Mosaic Conservation: Fifty Years of Modern Practice
The philosophy and approach to the conservation of mosaics underwent significant change in the post-World War II period, a transformation that is still under way. Where once mosaics were routinely removed from archaeological sites, now the trend is to conserve them in situ when possible.

A Need for Strategy: A Discussion about Conserving Mosaics in the Arab World
Amr al-Azm of Damascus University, Aïcha Ben Abed of the Institut National du Patrimoine of Tunisia, and Isabelle Skaf, a private conservator currently consulting for Lebanon's Direction Générale des Antiquités, talk with Martha Demas and Jeffrey Levin of the Getty Conservation Institute.

Assessing the Protective Function of Shelters over Mosaics
Over the last two years, English Heritage, the Israel Antiquities Authority, and the Getty Conservation Institute have been pursuing research into the efficacy of shelters in protecting in situ mosaics.

Lessons Learned: A Report on the 2005 ICCM Conference
In November 2005 in Tunisia, the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM) held its ninth conference, which explored what has been accomplished in the almost thirty years since the iccm's founding. The conference also drew some conclusions about where the mosaic conservation field needs to go.

GCI News: Projects, Events, and Publications
Updates on Getty Conservation Institute projects, events, publications, and staff.