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Last May, authors Predrag Gavrilovič, William S. Ginell, Veronika Sendova, and Lazar Šumanov were awarded Macedonia's 2005 Goce Delčev Award for significant achievement in the field of science, for the GCI publication Conservation and Seismic Strengthening of Byzantine Churches in Macedonia. The award—named for Goce Delčev, organizer of the Macedonian revolutionary movement in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries—recognizes work of particular importance to the Republic of Macedonia and is conferred under the auspices of the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences. The award was presented in an official ceremony in the Macedonian Parliament in the presence of the president of Macedonia, the president of the parliament, the prime minister, government ministers, and members of the scientific and diplomatic communities. This is the first time the award has been granted to work published outside of Macedonia.

Conservation and Seismic Strengthening of Byzantine Churches in Macedonia, published by the GCI in 2004, summarizes the results of a four-year study to develop and test seismic retrofitting techniques for the repair and strengthening of ancient Byzantine churches. The project was managed at the GCI by William S. Ginell, who was a senior scientist with the Institute.