Accounting, GCI Administration

staff photo

In September 2002, Joy joined the GCI Administration staff, where she serves in a number of capacities, including accounting, auditing expense reports and purchases, and assisting Institute staff with accounting issues. She finds it especially meaningful to be working in an organization dedicated to conserving the arts and cultural heritage.

Joy grew up in Manistee, Michigan, the oldest of four sisters. She graduated second in her high school class, excelling in math. For a time she considered becoming a high school teacher—in math and/or physical education. She particularly liked long-distance track events and enjoyed competing in the 440-meter relay and the mile run.

After high school, Joy traveled to Spain before starting college at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. Undecided about the direction she should take in college, she took an aptitude test that indicated a talent for accounting. She went on to earn a two-year degree in accounting and a four-year degree in business finance. Following graduation, she returned to her hometown.

After searching for a position that suited her, she chose to work for the state as a bank examiner, traveling throughout Michigan as part of a team that conducted audits of financial institutions. Three years later, after moving to Southern California, she began doing similar work for the Los Angeles office of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. There she served on teams auditing international financial institutions with branches in California, Oregon, and Washington. She later took a job as an assistant controller with a bank closer to home.

A year after the birth of her first son—and with the impending birth of her second son—Joy became a full-time mom, an occupation she treasured. She spent many hours volunteering in her children's classrooms and assisting in various school fund-raisers. Even though she now works full-time at the GCI, she still volunteers at the schools on her days off. She has been cochair of the Jump Rope for Heart activity for the past five years and helps out whenever she is needed. She enjoys spending time with her two boys and attending their school activities, as well as their baseball and soccer games.

In her spare time, Joy likes bike riding, in-line skating, and playing sports with her sons, as well as regularly participating in several softball leagues.