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The State of Conservation Science
Conservation science is a relatively new scientific endeavor, one that draws on a variety of other scientific disciplines. Has it, as some believe, come of age? What are the accomplishments and challenges that characterize the current state of the field?

A Diverse Discipline: A Discussion about Conservation Science
Aviva Burnstock of the Courtauld Institute of Art, Chris McGlinchey of the Museum of Modern Art, and Narayan Khandekar of the Harvard University Art Museums talk with Giacomo Chiari and Jeffrey Levin of the GCI.

Training and Education in Conservation Science
As interest in the profession grows, the various routes into conservation science—and the amount of education and training that should be required for people entering the field—have become topics of discussion and debate.

Science for the Conservation of Wall Paintings
A current GCI collaborative project with a number of research institutions is exploring a variety of ways to undertake the challenging task of analyzing organic materials in wall paintings—a task critical to the conservation of these works of art.

GCI News: Projects, Events, and Publications
Updates on Getty Conservation Institute projects, events, publications, and staff.