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An Editorial Note on This Special Issue

Heritage Partnership: Exploring the Unknown
Partnerships, which bring together resources from diverse players, can significantly multiply the means available for a task and the benefits that accrue from it. Partnerships involve a shared commitment and a leveraging of capacities beyond what would be possible if each partner were working alone. While the public and private sectors have been reticent to pool their resources, much has been accomplished through unprecedented partnerships. Given the resources that these collaborations have unlocked, one can conclude that in today's complex society, cultural heritage partnerships are hardly a hazard—they may even be a necessity.

Mobilizing Resources: A Discussion about Partnerships and Conservation
Can partnerships enable conservation organizations to tackle existing and future challenges in the conservation of the arts and cultural heritage? Francesco Bandarin of the World Heritage Center, Ismaïl Serageldin of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and Nicholas Stanley-Price of ICCROM talk with the GCI's Tim Whalen and Jeffrey Levin about the nature of partnerships in heritage conservation.

Cooperation in Conservation Science
From its earliest days, the GCI Science department has cultivated partnerships in many of its major research undertakings. These partnerships have succeeded not only when there is a shared common goal, but also when the partners have had expertise in similar areas of research and compatible resources—or when they have had different but complementary expertise and resources. Several current GCI Science research projects illustrate the elements of successful partnership; in each, the partnership with external organizations is at the core of the project's work.

Partnership: We're in This Boat Together
The GCI's longest continuing partnership among its field projects has been in China, with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Dunhuang Academy. The partnership, which began with one set of objectives, over time has expanded into new endeavors. A key reason for this longevity is the attention paid to the relationship itself. By emphasizing professional development, sharing, and collegial cooperation—in addition to well-defined and clearly stated objectives and methodology—the GCI and its partners have achieved a long-term and highly productive partnership.

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