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Reflections on the Use of Heritage Charters and Conventions
In recent decades, there has been a considerable increase in the number of charters and conventions that have sought to set standards for the protection and conservation of cultural heritage around the world. Today, among some, there is a growing unease over these charters and conventions—the relevance and authority of which are sometimes contested. Yet, unquestionably, in a context of rapid social changes there has been tremendous progress in conservation during the last 40 years. It is important to remember these advances in order to have an enlightened view of the contributions made by these documents.

Principles, Practice, and Process: A Discussion about Heritage Charters and Conventions
In what ways have international charters and conventions dealing with cultural heritage contributed to conservation and preservation—and what are their limitations? Cevat Erder and Jane Lennon—two heritage specialists who have spent their professional lives dealing with both the principles and the practice of heritage conservation—talk with the GCI's François LeBlanc and Jeffrey Levin about the impact of these documents on the field of conservation.

Chartering Heritage in Asia's Postmodern World
A critique of heritage conservation in its modernist form might begin with the observation that many people in the world consider heritage objects and places to be part of a universe that is energized and animated by various forms of divine or supernatural power. How appropriate have the principles of conservation—as outlined in international charters that reflect an embrace of science and rationality—been in Asia, where, in a number of countries, religious structures and sites compose the majority of heritage properties listed on government inventories?

Preparing for Disaster: A New Education Initiative in Museum Emergency Preparedness and Response
The GCI is developing with ICOM and ICCROM an education initiative on integrated emergency management for museums and other cultural institutions. This collaboration will be undertaken within the broader framework of the Museums Emergency Program, initiated by ICOM in response to the need for museums to develop expertise in emergency preparedness and response. Its aim is to advance an awareness among museum personnel of the nature of disasters and of the ways to limit damage through preventive conservation measures and rapid intervention.

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