In March the redesigned Conservation section of the Getty's Web site ( was launched. The new design features enhanced navigation, which provides users with easier access to the site's approximately 1,800 pages of conservation-related content.

The Getty's Conservation section is now divided into six main areas: ''Science,'' ''Field Projects,'' ''Education,'' ''Publications and Videos,'' ''Research Resources,'' and ''Public Programs.'' Visitors to the site can find information on current and past projects of the Institute—organized by area of work—in the ''Science,'' ''Field Projects,'' and ''Education'' sections. The ''Publications and Videos'' section has links to free electronic publications of the Institute, current and back issues of Conservation, The GCI Newsletter, and brief online videos highlighting the work of the GCI. ''Research Resources'' includes links to AATA Online, to a database of bibliographies produced for GCI projects, and to important cultural heritage policy documents. ''Public Programs'' contains information on upcoming GCI lectures and conferences and on scholar and internship opportunities.

conservation image

The new ''Conservation'' section is part of a redesign of the Getty Web site aimed at enhancing public access to the Getty's resources. From the home page of the Getty Web site (, visitors can access images and descriptions of the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum, information regarding the Getty Grant Program, and the researching tools of the Research Library at the Getty Research Institute.

To view the redesigned Conservation section, please visit: