In January 2004, the GCI hosted the directory board of the International Council of Museums-Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC). The board represents the 1,400 worldwide members of ICOM-CC—the largest of ICOM's international committees.

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While in Los Angeles, the board explored the possibilities for an enhanced ICOM-CC Web site to serve both its membership and the general public. At the board's request, staff from the Institute and the J. Paul Getty Museum spoke regarding the Getty's experiences in serving diverse audiences through the Web. Among the topics discussed were how to understand and assess audience needs and how to disseminate information and foster collaboration via the Web.

Also during its time at the Getty Center, the ICOM-CC directory board gave a roundtable presentation on ICOM-CC related issues for the Los Angeles conservation community.

The GCI's hosting of the ICOM-CC board reflects the Institute's continuing interest in supporting professional organizations that serve the field and in providing opportunities for conservation professionals to meet and exchange thoughts on conservation issues.

ICOM-CC aims to promote the conservation, investigation, and analysis of culturally and historically significant works and to further the goals of the conservation profession. For further information, please visit the ICOM-CC Web site at: